​Dacy/Kazian Wingwalking

The Aircraft  The Boeing Stearman, Model 75, produced by the Lloyd Stearman Company (a Kansas based subsidiary of Boeing) was used as a training aircraft during World War II. Following the war many of the Stearman Aircraft were used as crop dusters. Modified for airshow use, the blue and white paint scheme of Dave Dacy’s Super Stearman features the sunburst design on the top of the wings, with the checkerboard design featured on the bottom. Modifications include the addition of a Pratt & Whitney radial engine (with fuel injection bringing the engine output to over 500 H.P.) inverted fuel and oil systems, four precision balanced ailerons, and airshow smoke.

The Wingwalker A highly skilled wingwalker and a unique entertainer, Tony Kazian brings to the center stage the thrill and excitement of the Dave Dacy/Tony Kazian Super Stearman Wingwalking Team.

In the spirit of the great wingwalkers, most notably his father and mentor, ICAS (International Council of Airshows) Hall of Famer Johnny Kazian, second generation wingwalker, Tony Kazian, boards the wings of the Super Stearman for an unbelievable performance.  Having trained with his father, Tony has been exposed to the great art of wingwalking his entire life.  Tony began wingwalking in 1988, taking over the family show business when his father retired. Tony has been performing with Dacy Airshows since 1997. In a rare performance in 2006, Tony was joined on the wing of Dave Dacy’s Super Stearman by his father and his son for a one time performance of three generations of wingwalkers.

With no parachute, no ropes and no cables, Tony’s freestyle performance on and about the wings of Dave Dacy’s Super Stearman is awe-inspiring and is guaranteed to capture the attention of all!  A definite divergence from his everyday career as a skilled auto mechanic!

The Performance Whether performing a solo aerobatic routine, or with wingwalker, Tony Kazian, ‘on board’, the Super Stearman brings to crowd center the thrill, excitement, smoke and noise of true airshow entertainment!  In a low level, aggressive aerobatic display of barnstorming maneuvers Dave Dacy’s self-styled routine in the Super Stearman continues to be a ‘front page’ story, captivating the attention of event attendees, sponsors and media alike. The incredible talents and capabilities of two highly skilled professionals come together as Dave Dacy and Tony Kazian present a tremendous aerobatic wingwalking performance that is ‘second to none’.

The Pilot Born and raised on his parents strip in Harvard, Illinois, Dave Dacy has been performing in airshows and special events throughout the United States andCanada since the early 1970s .  Soloing in a Aeronca Champ at the age of 16, Dave was in the cockpit of a 220 H.P. Stearman teaching himself aerobatics by the time he was 20.

While spending his days working as a mechanic at Dacy Airport, weekends were spent perfecting the skills that have led him to be one of the most talented and well respected pilots in the airshow industry today.

In addition to his over thirty years of experience in the airshow industry, Dave has also lent his talents to movies and commercials, having landed his aircraft on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago as part of an IMAX promotion for the Science and Industry Museum.

Performing on the airshow circuit today in the 450 H.P. Super Stearman, Dave has also performed airshows in a stock 220 H.P. Stearman, a modified 300 H.P. Stearman and the German designed Bucker Jungmeister. As a professional and respected member of the Airshow Community, Dave is an ICAS (International Council of Airshows) ACE (Aerobatic Competency Evaluator.