Customized/Professional Support Services

Event Pricing

Dave Dacy/Tony Kazian - Stearman Wingwalking       $8,500.00
Additionally includes Dave Dacy Stearman Solo

Vlado Lenoch - North American P-51 Mustang            $6,800.00
    Also Available:  The North American T-6
                           The Lockheed T-33

Susan Dacy - "Big Red" Super Stearman                    $4,450.00

Doug Dodge - "Machaira" - Muscle Biplane                  $3,450.00
Michael Vaknin - Extra 300                                        $3,900.00

Erik Edgren - Taylorcraft Comedy Act                         $2,500.00/3,500.00
                                                                                     1 Day/2 Day

Phil Dacy - Airshow Announcing                               
Quotes available based on individual show requirements

Claude Spears - Complete Airshow Sound System
Comprehensive Event Sound System Packages starting at $3,500.00

Scott Duck - Airboss/Ramp Boss/Operations
Quotes available based on individual show requirements

Julia Dacy - Operations/Military Coordination
Quotes available based on individual show requirements

Headlining Performers

All acts and services available individually
 or as part of a cost  saving event package

Don't see what you're looking for?
Over the past thirty years, Dacy Airshows has developed 'Performer Alliances', providing package options to include; civilian team aerobatics, skydiving, warbird displays & specialty acts...look to Dacy Airshows to provide you with your entire event line-up!